Thursday, May 21

Noteworthy Thursday #22

  1. I'm not going to explain the diapers reference.
  2. We should totally bring back the phrase "who gives?"
  3. What does "Eu-beri-boo" mean?


Anonymous said...

This note is hilarious. Could the note or its contents have anything to do with it being written right before the 1,915th anniversary of Mount Vesuvius' eruption, a fact that is not mentioned by Ginger?

Ginger's future success in life was clearly foreshadowed by this note. Anyone who STEALS a notebook to see if the owner has any paper to LEND is going to do fine. (I'm not saying in what line of work, but fine.)

Emoly said...

It's clearly not Eu-beri-boo. It's clearly Erie-beri-boo as in Erie, as in Erica. I'm guessing Erica was riding the bus with Ginger, and it was at that time she added the side note.