Thursday, May 14

Noteworthy Thursday #21

This is yet another stream-of-consciousness sort of thing. Only two things to mention:

  1. My favorite phrase is this note is "Ready set sew."
  2. The daughter reference is too hard to explain, so I'll just say that it had something to do with a class project. The writer of the note was my mother and she was lucky enough to be married to the boy I had a big crush on and couldn't stop staring at on the school bus. And our friendship was never quite the same again.


Molly said...

How come Merilee and Emo got to be our mother's? I don't think I will ever live down this injustice. Funny how this project really sticks out in our minds.

Emoly said...

I can't believe how much code language we developed. We were so paranoid! Little did we know 15 years later Audrey Hepburn would go and post it on the internet for all the world to see. I also can't believe how much code language I remember. That note just made perfect sense to me.

Anonymous said...

These comments are helpful. I am glad finally to know that Audrey Hepburn is the author of the blog.

None of these Thursday notes has made any particular sense to me, the uneducated reader, but they are SO fun to read.

Ready, set, sew? The CIA would envy this code (this is code?).