Thursday, May 13

I Give Me an A for Effort

I did it. I completed my first hour of personal training. I'd say it was quite a success.

Because of scheduling, I'm not working with Nicole, my former trainer and current yoga teacher. (So sad, I'll definitely miss working with her!) Instead I am training with Scott. I checked out his profile on the Complete Body website a couple days ago, and my first thought was, "He sorta looks like Kevin Bacon." So far I like him. Unfortunately, he didn't look as much like Kevin Bacon in real life, and my dreams of dancing to "Footloose" for the workout quickly fizzled. But I digress. It was a good first workout. I was tired, sweaty, and could feel the sore muscles coming on, but I felt good at the end of the hour.

As I type this (one-handed, with a baby attached to my bewb), it's about 2:30 in the morning, just six-ish hours after exercising. My legs were already aching in protest when I stood up to go feed Milo. It took way too much focus jiust to pick up my feet and shuffle across the hall. Let's hope my arms don't feel that sore by morning or I won't even be able to carry Milo. I'd need a babysitter to come just so this boy's diapers would get changed and such. And with one grandma out of town, my chances of getting a babysitter are down 50 percent.

Fortunately, I don't think it will come to that (though grandmas are welcome anytime). I am pretty freaking strong, you know, even after months of inactivity. You just wait—in a few months, my muscles will have muscles. And soon those 40 pounds will be gone.


Stephanie said...

Good job!
I unfortunately did not get my butt out of bed this morning for a workout... it seems I never hear my alarm when I am planning an early workout.

btw I'm not seeing a huge Kevin Bacon resemblance... maybe a little.

Kenton said...

Keep it up! Your arms should already be strong from curling Milo 100 times a day.

Sheryl said...

Oh, I see the resemblance to KB. Good for you—I'll keep reading your blog for personal motivation. How I wish more calories were burned reading Anna Quindlen and watching Mad Men episodes!