Wednesday, May 12

What have I done?

I am not pregnant anymore, yet somehow the vast majority of my pregnancy weight gain has not yet gone away. Thanks for nothing, breastfeeding! What, like it is supposed to take TIME for the weight to come off? Pfffffttt! I want those 40 remaining pounds gone ASAP. Yes, 40. A good twenty of those came from all those baby-needs-ice-cream-okay-technically-frozen-custard trips to Sheridan's. The other half slowly crept on over the six months prior to conceiving because of all those I'm-sad-I'm-not-pregnant-yet trips to Sheridan's.

Mmmm, I like frozen custard...

But that is not the point.

The point is, I have a lot of weight to lose, and frozen custard isn't helping the situation. Drastic action is needed, and I may have just done something crazy. On impulse, a complete whim (which I thought about for three or four days before reaching any conclusions), I decided to resume personal training. Unlike before, however, when I just saw my trainer once every six weeks and the rest was up to me, I shall now be seeing my trainer twice a week. And did I mention that I will also be taking a yoga class once a week? I know! I think it's crazy, too! But I have Milo now, and he makes it hard to find time to really exercise and easy to make excuses. I needed to schedule my workouts to make them happen. Now I've got three of them on the calendar each week.

And that terrifies me. I haven't worked out in several months. Oh, sure, I had every intention of working out throughout the entire pregnancy. But then morning sickness happened. Then being hugely uncomfortable happened. Somehow exercising just didn't happen. In some ways I'm SO ready for this, but in other ways, I'd like to please continue to sit on the couch. Failing is my biggest fear, and I avoid it by not trying. My first instinct is to not really try to lose the weight, because then I can't fail at it. But my desire to wear my prepregnancy clothes and fit into a single-digit pants size motivate me.

It's not going to be easy. But I desperately want to feel good about my body and that means dropping those 40 pounds. Now, would someone please remind me of that tomorrow when every muscle in my body hurts? My first training session is in just a few hours...

Wish me luck!


Molly said...

Good luck! You are going to be awesome as always! Way to schedule them into your calendar. That seems like the only way to actually get to the gym for me!

Lindsay said...

Good luck! You can do it! I say give yourself some time. Nine months on, nine months off. And if you're working out three times a week and still breastfeeding, you'll drop the weight fast. I don't think the real benefit from breastfeeding-influenced-weight-loss really happens until they're a few months old. Maybe that was just for me? Or perhaps the Sheridan's I kept allowing AFTER Gavin was born. You know, for energy during nursing. :)

Linda and Matthew said...

You'll be awesome! Just don't be too hard on yourself. Keep in mind that it took 9+ months to put the weight on, so it will most likely take at least that long to get it off.

It took me almost two years to lose 60 pounds before my wedding and then only 9 months to gain the majority of that weight back. I'll be back to the "fun" of weight loss it just a couple of months. It's hard, but we can do it!

Stephanie said...

Good luck! I'm so proud of you!
I hope some of your I'm-gonna-make-myself-do-this attitude would rub off on me! I keep telling myself, I'll get better when class is over... once the weather is nice I'll really start working out... one more cookie won't hurt... etc I just need to make myself do it. I feel like we were such good influences on each other before.
Wedding season starts in 10 days (this one full of hot firefighters...) and I'm not ready for it!

That's it! I'll get up early tomorrow and get a good workout in before work!

katy said...

Oooh, I haven't checked the blog in a while (out of town and crazy busy) but just wanted to say YOU CAN DO IT!! I hope that the first few training sessions have been good to you. It will feel so great to lose the weight, I am now officially an exercise addict :)