Saturday, May 29

The Way to Conclusions is Jumping

So . . . About that whole "Vaccines iz making mah baybee sick!" thing.

I MAY have overreacted. A tad. I am sick now, too. And I have not gotten a single vaccine in like, ten years. (Nurses and doctors in the house, should I be getting some boosters or something???) It looks like this was just (as my sister put it) the first of many illnesses we'll share as a family. Did I mention that Andrew wasn't feeling well, either, or did I conveniently forget to mention that in my little rant about the vaccines?

It's really challenging being sick and still having to care for a baby. I'm sure all you parents out there are probably not very sympathetic, as you have likely done this many times. I have been relying quite heavily on my mother-in-law and my mom and sister (who happens to be in town) to help me with Milo while I get some rest. Since we're still not sleeping through the night, I'm finding it really difficult to get enough sleep to be on the mend. Thankfully, Milo seems to be almost all better. He's still quite a bit fussier than usual, but at least we're managing to coax a few smiles out of him now and then.
Milo wasn't so sure about this goat, though. (He took his first trip to Deanna Rose! Was not impressed.)


Ben said...

You are totally wrong about no sympathy. I feel for you, man. The hardest thing about being a parent is how relentless it is - no days off, even if you can barely move. The good news is that you forget all about it the minute everyone gets better.

Stephanie said...

Milo and I will be going to Deanna Rose quite frequently and I will demand that he at least acts impressed!
I saw two baby calves frolicking in the pasture on my way home on Friday, and now I'm insanely jealous you got to go to Deanna Rose. They're just so cute and so happy and I want to play with the baby calves all day...