Tuesday, May 11

My First Mother's Day

I had a wonderful first Mother's Day. I think I had—no, I KNOW I had—really high expectations for this new-to-me holiday. As it turns out, being a mom is really freaking hard, and I wanted some recognition, dammit. (Probably I wanted this recognition because half the time I feel like I'm doing a really lousy job at this, a mediocre performance at best, and I wanted someone to tell me otherwise.) (Not trying to fish for compliments, honestly.)

Andrew and Milo (but seriously, mostly just Andrew) gave me the best day. It began with a nice hot shower, sans baby in the bathroom with me. Then Andrew cooked a delicious breakfast. French toast, eggs, bacon, and coffee. Mmmm, so good. (I guess Milo didn't think so, because he passed on all the good food and opted to just have some milk instead.)

I was presented with a sweet card (the Very Best, of course), a beautiful necklace (with a momma bird and a baby bird charm), a bar of dark chocolate, and a few bottles of wine.
Milo wore a fancy outfit—khakis and a sweater vest—just for me.
Thank you, Daddy and Milo, for my beautiful necklace.

Later we went to the Johnson County Museum and checked out the all electric house exhibit. Apparently Milo wasn't a fan of the house, because he fussed pretty much the entire time.
Pink countertops...nice.

Ben and Katy, this one's for you.

Andrew also had a fantastic dinner planned. He made tomato soup (from scratch! using real tomatoes! and no can!) and buttery grilled cheese, and cut the sandwiches on the diagonal, just like I like them. Yum yum yum. I tell you what, Campbell's doesn't hold a candle to Andrew's soup. To cap off the day, we headed out to Ben & Jerry's for a little special-occasion ice cream (a little Phish Food and a little cookie dough for me, something chocolatey for Andrew). Everything was wonderful. Sadly, we took no photos of dinner or our ice cream trip. You'll just have to take my word for it.

One of the best parts of the day was finding this post on Andrew's blog. Don't I have the best husband?

The only way my first Mother's Day could have been any better was if Milo had been in a better mood. He was just fussy all day, and the whole almost-no-sleeping-all-day thing he did really didn't help. But of course he's adorable, and honestly wasn't that difficult, so we still had a good time. And the other people on our electric house tour were very good-natured about the crying baby preventing them from hearing the guide. Luckily, by the time we went out for dessert, Milo had finally conked out for the day, so we were able to sit and enjoy our treat and each other's company.

Thank you, Andrew, for making my day so special.


Stephanie said...

I love that Milo dressed up for the occasion! Such a cute little man!

Lindsay said...

What a fun day! You've got a good hubby, there. And even on your very worst days, you're still a good mom. :)