Wednesday, May 5

Mr. Milo etc.

Why is it that I can throw "Mister" in front of just about anything and it suddenly becomes a cute nickname for my baby? Mr. Milo is the most obvious choice, and I've heard many of his visitors use that one. But, oh, are there more.

Mr. Hiccups, for when he has—wait for it—the hiccups.

Mr. Messypants, again for obvious reasons. Sometimes this gets switched with Sir Farts-a-lot, which is technically outside the realm of this post, yet seems relevant enough to include.

Mr. Strong Neck or Mr. Floppy Head, depending on his particular positioning.

Mr. Sillypants (for no good reason; his pants are typically not that silly, except when he is Mr. Duck Butt, because of the duck on the seat of his pants, not because his butt looks like a duck's.) (That was too much explanation, wasn't it?)

Mr. Grunty and Mr. Squeaky are favorites at mealtime.

So tell me. Do you also call babies "Mr. So-and-So"? And if they are girls, does it become "Miss Something-or-Other"? How long does this sort of nickname last? Will I fondly be calling him Mr. Square Hat at his high school graduation?


Linda and Matthew said...

We tend to add "potomus" to the end of words as terms of um, endearment?, for Charlotte. Stinkapotomus, Crabapotomus, Sleepypotomus, and while not a "potomus", Whinocerus is used quite often when Charlotte forgets her words. It's our right as parents to come up with totally ridiculous and embarassing nicknames for our children!

Emoly said...

We often just call him Mister. As in Mister does not like mommy to eat her food while it's hot or Mister just crapped his pants. We also call him the tiny dictator.

Lindsay said...

We've called Gavin "Sir" or "Monkey" from day one. Not sure why, but they've stuck. He now answers to Monkey.

katy said...

yup... Mr. Bean, Mr. P, Miss Mo, Miss Fish, Mr/Miss crankerpants... yup... we've used them all :)