Tuesday, June 29

Okay, back to posting about my baby.

Milo giggles now. It is so stinking cute. He's been smiling for awhile, and occasionally smiling and working himself up into this wheezing, grunting sort of smile noise. But just yesterday it actually sounded like a giggle.

Of course I ran for the video camera. But when I turned it on, he was pretty straight-faced. Either I quit being funny or he doesn't like to perform for the camera. One of these days I'll catch that giggle. Until then I'll be over here, making an ass out of myself trying to get my baby to laugh.


Lindsay said...

Baby giggles are the best! And I'm so glad I have Gavin on video, and not myself trying to make him giggle. It's amazing what you'll do just to hear them laugh. :)

Courtney said...

I think it's a law of parenting or something...the cuteness always stops when you run to get your video camera. Can't wait to hear his giggles for myself!