Saturday, June 5

Sleep is for the weak. And I am so very, very weak.

I read that it's common for babies to regress in their sleeping habits around three months of age. Aaaaaand, you can see where I'm going with this, right?

Milo is back to waking up every three to four hours at night, which means we're back to getting up twice with him. For awhile there we were only getting up once, around 4:00, which wasn't so bad. But getting up at midnight AND 4:00 is . . . bad. Unfortunately, this seems to be the new pattern, despite my fervently hoping it was just one bad night. Then hoping it was just two bad nights. But three bad nights in a row? Nope, now it is just a thing.

Tell me, when did YOUR babies sleep through the night consistently? How much more of this are we going to have to endure?


Linda and Matthew said...

Do you want an honest answer?

We weaned Charlotte off of the night feeding around 8 months or so, if I remember correctly. So we stopped having to wake up for extended periods of time around then, but she still will wake up in the middle of the night every few nights or so. She'll have a nightmare and wake up.

The best sleep we got out of her was between 12 and 18 months. Around 18 months she decided she need to wake up at 11:30 or 12 every night for a drink. Now she has a sippy cup of water next to her at all times. Problem solved!

Anonymous said...

A good nights sleep? What is that??
And you know how old my kids are.
Linda Conley