Sunday, August 21

17 Months and Growing All the Time

Where do I even begin? Milo is growing and changing so much, I can't even keep up with him. He's up, he's down, he pushes the limits. Milo spends very little time being average or in the middle.

Language continues to explode. Words he says: car, truck, bye, hi, no, uh-oh, please, belly, kitty, Zadie, quack, moo, duck, doggie, Daddy, Mommy, more, teeth, banana, ball, book, bed, fan, bear, tree, baby, shoe, sock, bag, clock, yay, light, cup, fish, Elmo. Of course, there might be more that I can't recall at the moment. Things/words we know he recognizes: plate, head, nose, mouth, tongue, outside, up, down, Mommy's belly, ears, eyes, feet, toes, apple, phone, thank you, tray, diaper, TV, Big Bird, raise the roof, high five.

Milo can now climb on the fireplace hearth. Just one more place we'd rather he not be.

Milo had a rough week or so of not eating much, being extra fussy, needing extra cuddles, and not sleeping well. I think it may have been a growth spurt. Or teething. He's definitely getting taller all the time.

He's losing his round super belly. Sad. At least he's still got his chunky thighs.

He has a total of eight teeth, I think, including two molars.

Milo tends to be a little shy when he first gets around someone he doesn't know well. He warms up quickly, though, and continues to win the hearts of everyone he meets. He's a charmer for sure.

Milo has the most adorable walk, which gets even cuter when he runs. His arms just sort of flap around wildly, and it couldn't be funnier or cuter. I think it's the walk that ends up making people love him. And his winning personality, of course.

Milo loves music and singing. He's a great audience, too, because he always claps and says "yay" when I finish singing a song. He knows the itsy-bitsy spider hand motions too.

Favorite books include One Fish Two Fish, Bugliest Bug, and 100 First Machines.

Milo loves watching "Mo" (Elmo—but really he means Sesame Street) and Yo Gabba Gabba. Sigh. I suppose it had to happen sometime. Milo brings me the remote and says "Mo? Mo?" At least he takes it well when I say no.

Milo has extreme emotions. Extremely happy and giggly, or extremely upset. When he's overtired, he gets really hyper. We're getting better at knowing how he's feeling and what he needs. Oh, starting to get fussy? How about a snack? Maybe it's time for a bath.

He looks more and more like a little boy and less like a baby. He's still got his big cheeks, but they're diminishing. I'm sad that baby Milo is almost gone, but I love little boy Milo. He's awfully fun.


Grandma Susan said...

I love that little boy, too and I love seeing everything new he is learning.

Anonymous said...

He's got the whole "ignoring strangers" thing down to a science. Also good at not making eye contact with a certain "stranger" even tho she is trying hard to get his attention. I see bribery on the horizon for me.
Linda Conley

Stephanie said...

It's the hair. He totally looks like boy Milo in the photo and I believe it's because of his longer hair now.

And it's totally his precious little run that stole my heart...

Anonymous said...

I am sure it was just an inadvertent oversight, but you omitted to mention that Milo says "Grandpa" exceedingly distinctly. That is my story and I am sticking to it.