Monday, August 22

First Day

Milo started going to his new daycare today. I took him there in the morning, and because I wanted to be sure he was comfortable and adjusting well, I spent a couple hours there with him. I love being able to see him checking out new surroundings and just taking it all in. I was impressed with how he handled a completely new place and a completely new routine. Nothing seems to rattle this kid.

I took my camera in order to get a couple of first-day-of-school photos. There was hardly a toy in the place he didn't try out.


Milo couldn't get enough of the Big Bird and Cookie Monster photos.

He patiently waited for another girl to get up from this chair so he could sit in it, then couldn't figure out how to get out. 


Grandma Susan said...

He looks like he was having a great time. Glad the transition seemed to go smoothly.

Sheryl said...

Megan, look at his red hair! Last time I saw him there wasn't much on top and we couldn't tell if he was going to get mommy's beautiful color or not.