Thursday, August 4

Another Flashback

Written a few weeks ago...

June 22, 2011

I've known I was pregnant for a little over two weeks now. Most of that time has been filled with worry and/or stress. It didn't take long for the morning sickness to kick in. And, just like I remembered, it really really sucks. I've been thinking about all the stuff we're going to have to do and think about, like figure out a new baby's room decor, whether we'll move Milo to a big boy bed, the daycare situation, affording another long maternity leave, telling the people I work with, and generally feeling like crap. Basically, I've just been feeling overwhelmed and stressed out by the whole thing.

Then yesterday, on my drive home, I was feeling extremely nauseous. I thought to myself, I wish I could just skip this part and get to the end where we have a little baby. And I pictured myself holding a newborn and feeling that love and amazement. It occurred to me that we were going to have another baby before too long. And I felt happy. And for a brief moment or two, I quit worrying about all that other stuff and just enjoyed the idea of another child to call my own. 

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