Monday, August 8

The first time (this time)

On the elevator at work this morning, I was asked by someone I don't know when my baby was due. This is notable because it marks the point where I look pregnant enough that a stranger feels comfortable surmising that yes, this woman is with child, and not just eating too many donuts.

Also, this was the first time I answered that question from a stranger for this child. And I guarantee it won't be the last. If I were to attempt to keep track, I'd guess I'd end up answering it at least a hundred times. But I am WAY too lazy to keep track for your reading pleasure. I think I'll have to vary my answers, just to keep things interesting. Today I said, "Early February." Next time maybe I'll be more specific. We shall see. Oh, the things I think about these days. It's a crazy life I'm living.


Emoly said...

I think that means it is time for us to get belly pictures.

Sheryl said...

Baby #2 usually starts showing pretty early. I know I was so big so fast that they thought I was having twins.