Thursday, August 18

He's so stinkin' smart

On the drive home yesterday, I started singing to Milo to keep him entertained. We sang the ABCs, Mary Had a Little Lamb, and some old campfire songs. Each time I paused to catch my breath, Milo said, "More, more."

So of course I gave him what he wanted. More singing. But when I really got tired of singing, I switched to animal sounds. "What does a cow say?" I asked. "Moooo!" I answered myself.

But then Milo started answering. Turns out he knows moo, quack, and possibly baa and neigh. When I asked him what the rooster says (and gave him my best cock-a-doodle-doo) he mimicked me with his own "Da-doo!"

I didn't know he knew any animal sounds. His daycare report sheet said he knew them, but whenever I had asked him before, I never got any response. But apparently he does know his animals, and he's awfully cute when he makes their noises.

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Grandma Susan said...

Tuesday at the zoo he said "duck" when we passed some---who knew I should have been listening for animal sounds. So cute!!!