Sunday, July 20

I can't believe they used my bread pan.

Ahhh, another fun-filled weekend. And of course, by fun-filled, I mean we worked more on the house. Seriously, we actually had some fun. And I have the pictures to prove it.

Friday night we went to a T-Bones game. The T-Bones are Kansas City's very own baseball team. The one that's not the Royals. It was baseball, so obviously I paid very close attention to the game, following every pitch and, um, hit, and whatnot. Except it was difficult to really watch the game because of all the construction-orange T-shirts in front of us and the tiny people who were wearing them. There was an entire kids' team that had come down to the wall to watch the game and try to get the players to toss them baseballs.

For awhile, there was no one sitting in the front row, so the kids had free reign of the area. Then some very patient (and rather large) gentlemen came to sit in those seats, presumably having bought the tickets for those particular seats. The kids did not really see the point in moving. I’m not sure the gentlemen appreciated the kids, because after a couple of innings, they moved to different, much worse seats. Or better, depending how you look at it.

Also this weekend, we got to hang out with Emily and Kenny. And, Emily and Kenny—would you move here please? kthx.

And then the not-as-fun-but-more-productive part of the weekend: The House.

Mark and Stan took a break from the work to make their favorite letters out of two-by-fours. I think they both picked T because it is the easiest.

As per usual, Zadie could not be persuaded to come out from under the bed, even when enticed with her favorite feather toy.

See title of this post. All I have to say about this is grrrrr . . .

PS - Did you know that kids are hilarious?

In case you can’t make it out, this kid is singing that bad day song that they used to play on American Idol when someone got kicked off. He was singing “Bleeding Love” earlier, but I didn’t get that on video. Too bad.

Also, no, I don't know why my fonts aren't working right. Can anyone help me fix this?


Emoly said...

And that looks like a really nice bread pan. You could understand if it were old and busted, but I am guessing that is a wedding present.

Courtney said...

I think Mark owes you a new bread pan. Perhaps for a...Labor Day gift?