Thursday, March 6


At work today, I had a meeting with the illustrator of one of the books I’m working on. It’s a fun storybook for kids. The copy is all written and the illustrator has begun working on the paintings for the artwork. We were meeting because there are a few places in the book where the art will have copy, such as a vintage-y poster, a label on a machine, and a few recipe cards. It’s my job to come up with funny, clever, silly copy for these things that kids will just love.

After the meeting it hit me. I’m writing ridiculous, far-out recipes for a living. This is MY JOB. And I just started smiling. I really might have the best job ever. I wish I could say more about what I’m working on right now, because it’s a lot of fun, creative stuff. But alas. I cannot. But it’s not because I don’t love you.

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