Wednesday, March 19

My lameness. Let me show you it.

Ahh, yesterday. All my troubles seemed so far away. But then I found out that Andrew invited a friend over (Hi Jeff!) to watch a movie after work. Don’t They Know That American Idol Was Going To Be On And That I Must Watch It? And That We Only Have One Television?

So I was faced with a dilemma. Yes, we have a DVR, so I could just record AI (American Idol, people, not the Steven Spielberg/Haley Joel Osment crapfest of 2001) and watch it the next day. But noooo! The media will talk about it, and I will hear it, and it will ruin it all! So I must watch on the day it is on. I suppose I could wait to watch it until the movie is over. But then it would be so late, and I need my sleep (because, seriously, I am Old), and I wouldn’t be able to vote for David Cook! Tragic!

What to do? Let me tell you what I did. I emailed a few of my friends, the ones I thought were least likely to laugh at me, and begged them to let me come over and watch the show with them. It was kind of a new low. Frankly, I’m not sure why I’m sharing this with you. Perhaps as a warning? I may invite myself over to your homes at any moment.

I got a handful of responses that literally all started with “Hahaha!” I kid you not. But my good friend Stephanie took pity on me and invited me over. Rather, she allowed me to invite myself over. And she was so awesome! She made dinner, and gave me wine, and we watched the entire two-hour episode of AI. And she doesn’t usually even watch it! I had a really fun time. I hope Andrew watches more movies during AI in the future so I can hang out at Stephanie’s again.

BTW, funny story: I got home before the movie was over, so I went upstairs and read a book. When Jeff left, Andrew came upstairs and we were talking. About ten minutes later, we heard some kind of car noise. Andrew looked out the window, and Jeff was just leaving. He bought a new car yesterday with a manual transmission. And who is still learning to drive a stick shift? I’ll give you three guesses. . .


Courtney said...

If only I didn't live 924 miles away! Feel free to invite yourself here any Tuesday and American Idol will be on our one and only TV. Tell Andrew that there are six other perfectly good nights for watching movies.

Stephanie said...

Megan! Guess what I'm doing now... watching AI (I even have the lingo down!)
I hope Andrew has more friends for movies as well!

I'm so touched that I made it into your blog!

Jeff said...

In my defense, I got a call right as I was leaving, and I definitely did not want to be on a cell phone and try to shift badly at the same time, so I was sitting out there for about 10 minutes.

Now, did I still kill it like 4 times trying to start on your ungodly hill? Yes, but I still left within 2 min of my first attempt.