Friday, March 28

Just call me Ebert (or Roeper)(or Siskel if you want to go old-school, but not Siskel if you are comparing me to a dead guy)

I won passes to attend a free screening of the movie “21,” so last night Andrew and I had a date. We went to dinner and everything (except it wasn’t fancy dinner, just Panera because it’s close to the theater)(and did you know that Panera will make delicious grilled cheese for adults and that it is really good dipped in their tomato soup?)(just don’t check the Panera website for nutrition facts or you will never eat their French onion soup again)(but I digress).

So we saw this movie. If you haven’t seen the ads, it’s about a super smarty from MIT who gets into counting cards in blackjack in order to pay for Harvard medical school. And there is a poorly developed love interest, and the funny guy from Superbad, and plenty of Vegas eye candy for the menfolk in the audience. Except for some illogical parts, Andrew and I both found it to be pretty entertaining and fun. Andrew especially had problems with what this MIT class was discussing when Andrew remembers that from high school for crissakes and couldn’t they have picked a little more difficult topic? Also, Andrew and I both didn’t get why this kid so desperately needed money for medical school. Doesn’t he know that people will give him money for free, and he won’t even have to pay it back for a long time?

But overall, not a bad movie. And I kind of got the parts about counting cards because I happened to edit a book on blackjack at my previous job (FYI, you don’t have to have any knowledge of a subject whatsoever to edit a book on it). So maybe go see it. Or don’t, because it will totally be on cable in a few months.

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Paul said...

Neda's sister Narya went to the premiere of the movie at SXSW in Austin. The actual dude who the movie is based on was there. Also he's asian, not irish pretending to be armerican. Also he never ended up in med school. Cause med school sucks.