Monday, March 17

My Eyes, Part Deux

Yesterday Andrew and I were at a coffee shop. I had chai, he a mocha. We were just sitting and chatting when it happened. The same strange zigzag light in my vision. It wasn't as severe as the other day, but it was still making me all hurty and fuzzy. I checked the time, so I'd know how long it lasted. Like before, the zigzag started moving to the outer corners of my peripheral vision, then eventually disappeared. Again, it took about twenty minutes. This time my headache was more severe. I decided it was time to try to get in to the ophthalmologist a little sooner.

I called this morning and told them about my messed up vision, and asked if I could move my appointment (it was scheduled for 11 days from now). She asked me to describe what had been happening, and when I told her, she said I needed to come in right away. Like, that morning. This kind of freaked me out. It was apparently potentially bad enough that it might need to be dealt with immediately.

I went in at 11:30. They dilated my eyes and checked for retinal detachment. And I don't have that. It all looks good. Good-ish. I don't have any retinal detachment and it seems that it was ophthalmic migraines after all. But I have no idea what is causing them. Something I am eating? Stress? There is just no telling. I have to go back in a month so they can check again and make sure nothing looks different.

I asked about LASIK, if that would decrease my risk for retinal detachment. And, unfortunately, no. It won't. A stretched-out cornea is stretched out for life. So this high risk of torn retinas will be with me for life. Yay. . .

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