Sunday, March 27

The Birthday Party!

As I may have mentioned once or twice or a hundred times, Milo turned one last week. And we celebrated by throwing him a birthday party. I spent a LOT of time planning and preparing for this party, and I have to say, it was all worth it. Milo had a great time, and everything turned out just right. All in all, it was a success.

To read my commentary and see a few select photos, continue reading. For a slide show of all the party pics, scroll to the bottom of this post or view my web album here.

Happy Birthday, Milo. You're the best.

It was a robot theme. Since I wrote the copy for her website, Janice of RSVParty made this robot for me. She also helped me come up with tons of great ideas for the party. If you want a great wedding/party planner, hire this woman. Thanks, Janice! Anyway, robot theme. Lots of robot things, like these robot snacks:
There were robot placemats.
I even made a robot cake! Can you believe it? Isn't he cute? I love his little donut legs. It was my very special funfetti recipe. Been in the family for years.
Milo wasn't sure what to think of all the party fun.
But he warmed up by present-opening time. Note his adorable "one" onesie, courtesy of my friend Erica. So sweet! He's worn it three times in the last week, and I'm not even kidding.
Milo was not too eager to dig into his cake at first. He was all, WTF? What is this? Why is it not cut into tiny bites like I am used to? And why were all those people singing and staring at me a second ago?
But Daddy gave him a taste and he was all, meh. Cake is okay, I guess. Perhaps I eat some more.
Milo was pretty cute with cake smeared all over his face. Until he rubbed his eye and got a frosting shiner. I swear no one punched him.
Milo loves balloons. I am tempted to keep some balloons on hand just to entertain him. They never failed to produce a smile, even in the most dire of circumstances, like when Milo felt a smidge hungry or preferred to be carried.
So I have a toddler now. It's true what they say about time flying when you're having fun etc. etc. Nobody's more fun than this little man.

*A big THANK YOU to JiaoJiao for taking all these photos!


Emoly said...

Such a cute party! Wish we could have come.

Grandma Susan said...

Fabulous pictures of a fabulous party for a spectacular little boy. I love you Milo!