Thursday, March 3

But he has tubes!

Milo has ANOTHER ear infection. I noticed last week that there was goop coming out of his ear, and I wondered if that was just what happened when a baby has tubes, or if it was something to be concerned about. And after a call to the doc and several days of goop, we decided it was something to be concerned about. And sure enough, infection.

I thought the tubes would prevent this sort of thing. But I guess they're not magic tubes. If I'd known Milo would still get ear infections and be on antibiotics just two months after getting the tubes, would we have still chosen to go ahead with the surgery? Probably? But I wonder, was it worth the risk?

And, speaking of antibiotics, get this. The day Milo took his first dose of his ten-day course of meds, the pharmacy called me around 10:00pm and left a message, which I did not see until 10:30. They thought there has been a problem with the water dispenser, and Milo's medicine might not have enough water mixed in. Meaning, he might be getting extra strong stuff. Also, we might run out early. They wanted us to bring in the bottle so they could check it and replace it with a definitely-mixed right bottle.

So at 10:45, long after I wished I had been in bed, I set out for the pharmacy. And they had indeed messed up the water mix. Sigh. I'm glad they called; I wouldn't want Milo to have gotten extra-strength amoxicillin for a week or more. But I would have been more glad if it hadn't gotten messed up in the first place.

(He's feeling much better now. Aside from the teething, anyway. He's still Mr. Crankybutt, but I like him anyway.)

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