Wednesday, March 30

This one makes me want to gush

Today Milo blew me a kiss for the first time. Before today, I would blow him a kiss, with the kissy noise and the hand gesture, and he would either a) do nothing, or b) bring his hand to his mouth, then get distracted and suck on his fingers.

But today he brought his hand to his mouth, and said "ah" as he brought has hand down. It was so cute. I was so proud of him.

And, speaking of being proud, Milo can sort of feed himself with a spoon. He likes to hold the spoon at meals, and lately Andrew tried putting some food on the spoon, then helping guide it to Milo's mouth. Well, now when Andrew puts some food on the spoon, Milo can bring it to his own mouth. We cheered for him, and I think Milo was proud of himself, too. (and ok, sometimes Milo would just pick the food off the spoon with his other hand. But hey, it's a start.)

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Grandma Susan said...

What a totally brilliant and extremely cute young man---and I am completely unbiased!