Tuesday, March 29

Two Not-So-Great Firsts

In the last week or so, Milo has experienced a couple of firsts that, frankly, I would have preferred him to avoid forever. But avoidance would have been nearly impossible.

  1. Milo had his first injury that involved blood. Thankfully, not a lot of blood. He tripped and fell into the coffee table, smacking his face in the process. He got a bruise on his upper lip, and bit his mouth. Yeah, that one made him cry for quite awhile.
  2. Milo choked on a piece of food for the first time. The culprit? Watermelon. I guess the piece was too big and it just slid down too fast and made Milo choke and gag. I think it startled him more than anything, because the food didn't stay stuck at all. But the gagging that followed lasted way longer than I would have guessed. My heart also pounded way longer than I would have guessed. Milo needed quite a bit of consoling after this episode. He cried (for way longer than after the bleeding incident, to my surprise) and screamed and could not calm down. Even his beloved paci could not soothe him. But after he was out of his high chair and in my arms, some patting and shushing eventually did the trick. The watermelon was cut into much smaller pieces, and Milo resumed eating it, as though nothing had ever happened.


Linda and Matthew said...

The choking thing is scary! Charlotte's first choking event was with bacon. I'm still nervous to give it to her. Audrey crams too many cheerios in her mouth every now and again and has some trouble swallowing them. My heart stops a little every time.

Molly said...

Hugs to you and hope Milo is feeling better.