Tuesday, March 8

Less than two weeks to go

One year ago, I was hugely pregnant and sure I'd go into labor any minute. I had no idea what I was about to get into. Even if the me of today told the me of last year what this year would be like, I wouldn't have understood. There's honestly no way to explain what it's like to figure out how to be a mom. (You never really figure it out, by the way. There are always new challenges and new things to learn. Thankfully, Milo doesn't seem to have a clue that his dad and I are novices.)

Milo will be one year old in a little less than two weeks. In the most cliche way possible, this year has truly flown by. I watch Milo every day learning something new and figuring things out. And he amazes me. Just a few short months ago he couldn't even control his arm movements or lift his head. Now he can point, wave, bounce, climb, walk. And the list goes on.

I think Milo might be starting to say his first words. Like many things, his "first word" is fairly ambiguous. I think he has started saying something like a guttural "keekee" when he sees the kitty. I definitely hear "mamamama" when he wants to nurse. And this morning he may have pointed at the bookshelf and said "ehh-sit?" which sounded a lot like "what's this?" (Surely he can't be saying two-word phrases, right?) But the very first word to go in the old proverbial baby book? Not sure at all.

I'm thrilled that Milo is getting older and I'm sad that he's not staying small. More happy than sad. I can't wait to run around outside with him this summer or sing songs with him or take him to the petting zoo at Deanna Rose. He's just going to love that stuff.

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