Thursday, March 17

A few thoughts

  • Milo’s birthday party is on Sunday, and I still have SO MUCH to do to get ready. Crossing my fingers that it will all come together in the end…
  • I’m down another few pounds (!!!) and it seems my weight-loss plateau has finally come to an end. I’m now twelve pounds below my starting pregnancy weight and only five pounds from my goal.
  • Milo has been sick again, and we’re all dragging in the Langford household. For whatever reason (teething, difficulty breathing, generally not-feeling-well), Milo has been waking up every day for the last week or so at 5am. Or earlier, if we’re lucky. And I am TIRED.
  • I am no longer pumping at work. So nice not to be doing that anymore. And Milo is doing just fine (other than the aforementioned issues, that is).
  • This morning Milo was in the bathroom with me while I, um, used the facilities. He opened the cabinet, pulled out a large box of pantyliners, and grabbed them by the fistful, surrounding himself with little piles of feminine hygiene items. Time for more babyproofing!
  • As you know, today is St. Patrick’s Day and I would like a shamrock shake. Can someone please make that happen for me?


Courtney said...

Austin has played with that very same item in my bathroom. What makes it so attractive to little hands?

I would totally get you a shamrock shake, were I not 900 miles away, because then I would have an excuse to get one for myself. Man, those are good.

I am SO excited to be heading your way soon! In fact, I should probably stop reading blogs and get back to work on laundry and packing.

Super Dad Man (Andrew) said...

You sound like a rockstar. Way to be on points 2 and 4. Maybe I'll swing by McD's later.